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Boarding & Grooming

Boarding at Steele Creek in Charlotte, NCBoarding

When traveling for business or taking your family on vacation, there is a lot to do and enough stress without having to worry about who is going to take care of your beloved companion. This is especially true if your pet has a chronic or acute medical condition that requires a caregiver with veterinary knowledge and experience.

Steele Creek Animal Hospital's boarding facility was built in 1985 and renovated (doubled in size) in 1997 to accommodate and provide the best amenities for your pet. Our boarding space is small enough so that your cherished pets can receive individual attention by our boarding staff. Rather than impose on a neighbor or rely on a pet sitter with little animal care training, you can rely on veterinary-supervised boarding as a convenience that will bring you peace of mind.

All pets are checked in to our hospital when they board and receive a general examination by a technician or a doctor (for senior pets) at no additional charge (unless your pet is a first-time boarder). Our staff members recognize that some of our boarding pets have special needs; there are often older pets or rehabilitating patients who stay with us while they are recovering from surgery. If your dog is epileptic or your cat has diabetes, our staff is aware and skilled to care for them well. Boarders are provided with appropriate flooring, matting, bedding and ambulatory assistance to keep them comfortable and safe.

If your pet needs medical attention while boarding with us, his or her personal veterinarian will be able to attend to any needs (and will be familiar with your pet's medical history). Our veterinarians and staff are readily available to your pet whenever he/she needs them.

Your pet's special health needs, such as medicine administration, food preparation, and exercise requirements will all be reviewed with you prior to his/her stay with us. Though we provide a variety of high-quality diets for dogs, puppies and cats, it is also fine to bring your own food if your pet is on a special diet. Prescription diets may be purchased if needed.

We invite pets to bring their favorite toys with them. Oftentimes, the smell or flavor of home comforts them in a new, unfamiliar environment.

Boarding & GroomingAdditional amenities include:

  • Separate room with windows for cats
  • Kennels that are temperature-controlled
  • Indoor runs and cages of variable sizes with fenced outdoor walking area. (Some runs are large enough for “family dogs” boarding.)

Necessary Vaccinations Prior to Boarding


  1. Bordetella (within 6 months)
  2. Rabies
  3. Distemper
  4. Parvovirus
  5. Adenovirus
  6. Parainfluenza
  7. or Current Titers


  1. Rabies
  2. Rhinotracheitis
  3. Calicivirus
  4. Panleukemia (FVRCP)
  5. or Current Titers

Boarding hours are the same as our hospital hours of operation. Pets that become soiled at any time during their stay are quickly cleaned with a complete bath, if necessary.

Reservations are advised and encouraged but last minute needs are also accomodated if at all possible.

Boarding & GroomingGrooming

Grooming is more than just a bit of pet pampering; it is an important step in keeping your pet happy and healthy by preventing disease. For example, regular baths and nail trims help remove harmful germs from the fur and paws that are picked up as your dog plays outside and provides a great opportunity for the groomer to notice dried or cracked paw pads or skin issues.

Our bathing service includes both medicated and non-medicated baths, nail trims, and ear freshening. We have local groomers here in Charlotte whom we recommend.

From seeing so many happy dogs and cats walk out of our grooming area, we also know that a good bath and brush makes your pet feel great and adds to his or her wellbeing. Please call today to set up an appointment to have your dog groomed at (704) 588-4400.