Senior Pet Care for Your Aging Furry Family Member in Charlotte, NC

Great strides have been made in veterinary care and pet dietary habits, as a result our furry family members are living longer than ever before. This also presents pet owners and veterinarians with more age related conditions. Cats are especially good at concealing any issues giving their owners the impression they are healthier then they are. We recommend increased veterinary care that may include more in depth dental care, blood work and specific checks for signs of disease more prevalent in older pets.

With more frequent checkups we can monitor your pets health and quality of life, recommending adjustments to relieve pain and other symptoms they may have. Our veterinary team is dedicated to giving all pets, especially our seniors, the personalized care they need to enjoy each day to the fullest.

senior pet care in Charlotte, NC

Wellness Care for Senior Pets

In recent years there has been extensive research on the problems facing older pets and how their veterinarians and owners can help with their individual needs.

With your veterinarians help you can manage some factors to prolong your pets good health as they approach their golden years.

  • Senior wellness exams and testing are essential. This allows for early detection of medical conditions such as heart murmurs, kidney disease and diabetes, to name a few. These can be managed more easily, successfully and cost efficiently when diagnosed early.
  • Your pet needs and age appropriate balanced diet. We can help you be sure your old friend is getting the nutrition and weight management they need.
  • Dogs and cats require daily exercise to stay mobile and avoid debilitating joint pain. Engaging in easy going walks and playtime can help reduce cognitive issues as well.

Physical Rehabilitation for Seniors

Much like their humans, pets also feel stiff and lose muscle mass as they age. Physical therapy can help in these and other areas but first your veterinarian will rule out other medical conditions such as infection or cancer that can mimic musculoskeletal problems.

Here at Steele Creek Companion Animal Rehabilitation center, we offer an expansive facility with experienced staff that can develop an individual plan for your senior pet.

  • Build muscle mass/lose weight with the water treadmill
  • Improve range of motion with therapeutic ultrasound
  • Increase flexibility with therapeutic exercises
  • Pain management using acupuncture

An active, pain-free pet is a happy pet, and a better quality of life can be achievable with treatment. Contact us today at (704) 588-4400 to discuss your senior pet’s needs.

older dog sitting in grass

Osteoarthritis and Your Senior Kitty

We have exciting news for our senior kitties. Solensia has been FDA approved for cats with osteoarthritis (OA) and we are seeing AMAZING results.

Studies estimate 61% of cats over six years old suffer with OA and those numbers increase with age. Cats mask their pain as a key survival strategy. With helpful observations of your cats activity level at home or changes in behavior, we can diagnose early and help them manage the pain of osteoarthritis.

Solensia is the first and only monthly injectable monoclonal antibody treatment approved in the U.S. By targeting nerve growth factors it reduces pain signals and does not affect the liver or kidneys, organs that are commonly compromised in elderly felines.

Our team at Steele Creek Animal Hospital lives for news like this, to help our furry family members feel comfortable and happy. Make an appointment to see if your cat can benefit from this groundbreaking treatment.