Beyond Traditional Care

At Steele Creek Animal Hospital, our medical capabilities go beyond medication and recommendations to confine your pet to help them heal. We offer a wide array of rehabilitation therapies to aid your pet in their recovery from an injury or surgery, improve their work or sport performance, keep them in shape, or help them manage chronic osteoarthritis. Our treatment options are just as diverse as the issues we routinely address in our patients, and each pet receives a complete, custom rehabilitation program to meet their needs.

If you would like to know more about our rehabilitation services and think they would benefit your pet, contact us at (704) 588-4400.

Injury and post op

Injury and Post Operative

Guided exercise, laser therapy, and hydrotherapy, among other therapies, can improve your pet’s ability to heal following an injury or an orthopedic surgery. The goal is to prevent joint stiffness and build up muscle strength without putting too much strain on the affected limbs(s). Hydrotherapy is beneficial because it reduces this risk, while providing additional resistance to increase endurance and improve range of motion.

Performance and Working Dogs

Sporting and working dogs are more prone to injury than the average pet, due to the greater strain they place on their bodies and the repetition in their movements and activities. Sprains, strains, inflammation, and even fractures are conditions we regularly treat with our rehabilitation services. Additionally, we can use rehabilitation to help improve strength, stamina and endurance in dogs and minimize the risk and severity of injury.

Performance and working dogs
dog walking stairs

Osteoarthritis and Aging

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that cushions the joints breaks down, resulting in the bones rubbing against each other and causing pain and inflammation. While this condition is more common in older pets, younger pets can develop arthritis as well, either because of a congenital issue or repetitive activity that wears on their joints. Osteoarthritis can limit a pet’s mobility considerably and decrease their quality of life, but with our rehabilitation modalities, we can relieve their pain and restore their mobility.

Fitness and Weight Control

Keeping pets fit and trim is another way we utilize our various therapies and rehab equipment. Obesity is unfortunately a growing problem for many pets, and with unhealthy weight gain comes a host of other issues, such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Hydrotherapy, guided exercises, and more can be used to improve your pet’s health by getting them active and increasing their endurance and strength.

Fitness and weight control
cat hydrotherapy

And Cats Too!

Dogs are not the only pets that can benefit from rehabilitation. We are also more than happy to work with your feline family member. Cats can also use our water treadmill to regain strength and movement, and can have their conditions treated with the help of laser therapy, acupuncture, nutrition therapy, and more.