Team Philosophy

Our devotion to pets inspires us to help them live longer, healthier, and more comfortable lives. Says Dr. Young, “Motivating animals to recover from injury or surgery requires creativity and compassion. My team is committed to the needs and success of each patient.”

Our ultimate goal for your pet’s rehabilitation is to make them more comfortable and improve their ability to accomplish their daily tasks as normally as possible. Rehabilitation can improve your companion’s psychological state and quality of life, and strengthen their relationship with your family.

dr young with dog1

Dr. Young

Dr. Patricia Young completed her advanced training in Rehabilitation Therapy at the University of Tennessee in 2005. She has developed the finest and most advanced physical rehabilitation program for cats and dogs in the greater Charlotte, NC area.

Dr. Schuver

Dr. Amy Schuver obtained her Rehabilitation certificate in 2020 from the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Schuver with brown dog 2