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Steele Creek Animal Hospital Testimonials

steele creek animal hospital reviews, testimonialsRead what our clients have to say about Steele Creek Animal Hospital! If you would like to add a Steele Creek Animal Hospital testimonial to this page, please call us at (704) 588-4400.

From Our General Hospital and Rehabilitation Clients

There is no room for improvement at Steele Creek Animal Hospital. Dr. Whitaker is fabulous. I was extremely anxious about the state of my dog. She calmed me down and the course of treatment has improved my dog's quality of life. I usually don’t fill out surveys, but Steele Creek impressed me enough to do so.


There is no other place I would take my treasured cat. The staff of doctors as well as the techs and office staff are beyond outstanding. You can feel the love these people have for animals the moment you are greeted at the reception area. Animals are so very precious, and make our lives so much better. It is wonderful to find people who think like I do. I can't thank you enough for the loving attention that was given to both myself and Shingie. We just came to Charlotte from Florida, and to be able to trust a doctor with your pet is so important. Thank you all again for everything you did.


Dr. Susan is amazing. She answers all of my questions thoroughly and I feel like we are friends. I trust her completely with the care of my dog, Isa.


Steele Creek is and always has been an exceptional hospital. Please do not change a thing!

—Lisa J.

The veterinarians have always done a great job taking care of our babies!

—Vickie C.

Dr. Whitaker is always courteous and helpful! Wouldn’t change a thing!

—Amy C.

I am always pleased with the care and service we receive. I think the whole staff went above and beyond when Vinny came in for his first dental. Thank you to everyone!

—Paul D.

Here’s to the best Vets and staff in the country. Thank you so much for taking care of Shingie yesterday. You have put my mind at ease. Each and every one of you should be given an award for being loving, caring, and friendly with both your patients and their families. Animals can’t tell us when they are hurting, and are such precious gifts from God. They deserve the best and with all of you they have that. Thank you again so much. We’re new to Charlotte and I’m glad Shingie has a new animal hospital with lots of friends.

—Marie-Ellen Jaffe

Our experience there was very professional and friendly.

—Jill Austin

I thought everyone was great, very friendly and I LOVE Dr. McDermott. She was great and explained our situation very well. I just moved here and was nervous about finding a really good vet. You all took away any apprehensions I had. I have found our new Vet. :) Thanks for such great service!

—Sharon Konopka

I’ve had many pets at many animal hospitals and Steele Creek is the best in every way – from the greeting when you walk in until time to check out.

—Mary Ann Clos

I can not say enough about how much I respect everyone at Steele Creek. It takes me 40 minutes one way to get there (I have vets within 5-10 minutes) but choose to come to Steele Creek because of the outstanding service I receive from the front office on – every one is kind, caring, professional, attentive, positive and knowledgeable. Thank you all!!

—Carolina Brown

We were not at the office when the vet saw Pooka so we were happy with the vet’s exam report. We choose this hospital because there was an available opening to board Pooka at the last minute when our pet sitter cancelled. We were very pleased with Pooka’s treatment while she was with Steele Creek over the Christmas holidays. We picked up a very happy dog after 12 days. Thanks so much to all employees!!!

—Connie Blanchard

Visits are always great – been a customer for years and very satisfied! Keep doing what you are doing!

—Matt Rissman

Your fabulous staff and doctors continue to provide excellent care and customer service. I can’t say enough wonderful things about all of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

—Allyson Eakin

We love Dr. Jo and Steele Creek Animal Hospital! Vet services and boarding are great! Dr. Jo is amazing! Best Vet in Charlotte! She is super friendly, attentive to animals, responsive to humans, great service, answers ALL questions, never feel rushed.

—Amber Ottinger

Dr. Whitaker is wonderful. I have moved and it takes me an hour to get to Steele Creek now, but I would not change vets as Dr. Whitaker would not be at a closer vet clinic. She is so kind and caring – of my pet and me = it makes a huge difference.

—Heather Baker

I have lived all around the country (Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, D.C., and Maryland), and this is the best veterinary office I've ever taken my dog. In November 2006, my dog suffered a spinal chord stroke, and he was paralyzed on his entire right side. A month earlier my mother had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and I was extremely overwhelmed emotionally. I took my dog to an emergency veterinary hospital a few blocks away from my home, and they kept him overnight. The next morning they told me that he had a spinal chord stroke and there was nothing they could do for him, so they just gave him back to me. They didn't even tell me what I should or could do for him.

I ended up taking him to his regular vet at Steele Creek Animal Hospital, and they kept him for the day to evaluate him. Later that day, I received a phone a phone call from Dr. Patricia Young and she informed me that she was taking my dog home in order to monitor him overnight and to get his pain under control. She did this for several days until his pain was managed enough for him to start rehabilitation. Rehabilitation lasted several months and it took several weeks for my dog to begin walking or even standing on his own, but he is still around and functioning well to this day. If it wasn't for Dr. Young, I would not have known what to do. She gave me hope when I really needed it. I have been taking my dog to Steele Creek Animal Hospital ever since, and I feel like the people there really care about my dog. Everyone knows both of us by name, and they seem to really love my dog. I know that my dog is really going to be cared for well whenever I board him or take him for an appointment.

Some people have indicated in their posts that they believe Steele Creek Animal Hospital is expensive, but I don't believe that. I believe that they are extremely thorough in trying to make sure they give the proper diagnosis and treatment, and sometimes it just costs more to do that. Also, they do not FORCE you to get tests done as is suggested in some of the other reviews. They will tell you what tests they can do and it is up to the pet owner to make the decision on what s/he wants done or can afford. I have recommended Steele Creek Animal Hospital to several friends, and they have always had great things to say about their experience and their pets experience there. If you want top notch service, then take your pet here. I highly recommend them.

—Rehab Client

John and I truly believe that critical to any relationship is good communications. We could not have asked for any better communications than those we received from the Staff at Steele Creek involved with Shaka's rehabilitation.

If you put yourself in our position (and we think you did just that), we were confused, unsure, anxious, and overall pretty discouraged with Shaka's physical condition. We had just put him through major surgery to correct his problems, only to discover that we now had a 200 pound member of the family who had to be lifted (by a couple of aging retirees, no less), every time he wanted to get up! Compounding our frustrations was the fact that the rehab facility recommended to us is a 4 hour round trip drive from home.

We had no recourse. We had to leave our "son" in the hands of strangers up there in North Carolina. And, although these "strangers" came highly recommended by Dr. Bergman, our anxiety level continued to rise. That lasted until we received our first phone call from Dr. Young.

Our first hint of her dedication was the day and time of the call

—John & Stephanie Powers (Rehab client)

Dr. Young and Staff,

We want to thank you for all you have done for Bailey this year and as you can see in our family photo, he is going strong and loving life! We have been blessed with many wonderful days this year and Bailey is at a point where he can outrun me any day of the week (until he gets another scent of something new, of course!) He tells us all about it if he does not get his two walks a day and I am glad to hear that bossiness any day of the week. It has been a long road but we have made it through with your team's help and I wanted to thank you for everything you did to help us get Bailey to this point. We will keep him moving and I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

—Steve, Juli, Cameron and Bailey (Rehab Client)

We choose your hospital for the rehabilitation water therapy!! This is the best clinic I have ever had experience with! The peace of mind that comes from having the privilege to bring my sick dog from treatment and comfort is amazing. Thank you for making Jack and I part of your caring family. Thank you for saving Jack's life.

—Rehab Client

If I could give a vet practice a hundred stars, I would give ALL the stars to Steele Creek Animal Hospital. The ENTIRE staff is wonderful, from the staff that works in the boarding service, to the front desk, to the vets themselves, and although we have one primary veterinarian, we have made "emergency visits" with several of the vets on staff. The vets never seem hurried; the staff truly love and respect animals. The vets take the time to discuss options on care and are sensitive to the cost involved in procedures. I could go on and on but perhaps I should let me dogs speak for themselves. We have gotten to the point where we just didn't go on vacation because we could not find adequate boarding facilities for our animals... we would come home to stressed out "family members" when we came home and our guys would be skittish and all would have to be taken to the groomers because they were filthy. We decided that we would try Steele Creek for boarding since the vet care was so excellent and wow, what a difference in our dogs' attitudes when we went to pick them up!!!! In the past, our guys would be so ridiculously glad to see us, they would grovel and cry, and they couldn't wait to get in the car. Now, when we come to pick them up from boarding, it's obvious that they've had a great time while we are away; they are relaxed, happy and CLEAN. Our guys also LOVE their vet and all the tech staff. We have been through many events with this clinic, both happy and sad and in all cases, have never had a bad experience.

We have been with this vet clinic for 5 years and counting. Our dogs range in age from 12 to 2. We have two dogs with chronic illness, our oldest boy went through treatment for heartworm disease at this clinic when he was just our foster dog, and our youngest boy has been a patient here since he was 10 weeks old. Our vet, Dr. Hutmaker, listens to our concerns and thoughts, researches if she does not have a ready answer, and gets back to us promptly. One of the best things about her is her willingness to seek another opinion on our behalf. She is skilled and knowledgeable and it is obvious she loves animals. If you have questions about the "B" rating on cost, please let me say that vet care these days is expensive in any case, and there are many vets in Charlotte that charge much higher prices without the care and concern for their patients that Steele Creek shows.

—Kay Helm - Angie's List

We adopted an abused and injured pup who needed physical therapy on her fractured and repaired arm. Dr. Young met with us Thanksgiving eve. We were immediately impressed with her warmth and knowledge. Starla, too, was just as welcoming and wonderful. We immediately contracted their services. Started out with 5 sessions per week and then 3 and then it went from physical therapy to physical conditioning to discharge. Leaving there was painful, but our pup left there l0l % better, exceeding our wildest expectations! Late November until January 24, so many sessions, such wonderful results.

Many thanks and kudos to the entire staff. If we did not have a 15 year plus relationship with our vet, we would absolutely change to Steele Creek Animal Hospital. We highly recommend them, especially for rehabilitation services.

Overall, in one word, WONDERFUL!

—Jim Smallridge - Angie's List (Rehab Client)

Steele Creek Animal Hospital is my veterinarian. I last used their services on February 1, 2011, for my cat's annual check up. I boarded my cat with them once. I really like them. They are very careful with my cat, they treat her very gently, and they do not get real upset when she bites. I chose them because of their location; they are very close by.

—Michelle Carmichael - Angie's List

Dear Dr. Young and Liz,

Thank-you for everything. Both of you were so gentle and thorough. Thank-you for your honesty and straight forward detailed explanations. Your dedication and up to date knowledge makes a big difference. Everywhere I turned, other veterinarians always commented how they held you in high regard. I wanted you to know that your dedication and always going the extra mile makes a difference in the lives of others and has made all the difference for us along the way, at the end and even now. As you know, I had my heart set on 12 l/2 years or the first week of November as our goal but this wasn't meant to be.

For his entire life, Loki is my only family within a thousand miles and every part of my life, from where I live to what I drive and especially the schedules I keep were all based on him. Every thought or plan I made took him into account before all else, so it is an enormous change for me. With your support, I feel as though we did our best. I had the ability to dedicate all my time and energy to his care, in addition to limitless financial resources and yet one must realize that God has a plan. It might not be what you would plan but that doesn't enter in to the equation, it is God's plan.

With Love and Warm Appreciation,

—Kevin Barto (Rehab Client)

You guys have always been awesome from our 1st visit 7 years ago to today. We are very happy with Steele Creek. We would recommend you to anyone. We love you guys.

—Laurie Passalaqua

Everyone I dealt with was kind, welcoming and obviously loved animals. It is why I continue to recommend Steele Creek Animal Hospital. The exceptional care is much appreciated.

—Chris Lutkus

The first acupuncture treatment provided by Dr. Bonilla from Steele Creek Animal Hospital gave some relief and enabled our dog to move a little easier and with less pain. My husband and I are absolutely thrilled with this improvement in our Senior Dog. He is able to get up from a sitting position and lay down with much less difficulty! We are excited to continue with the treatment plan. Many Thanks to Dr. Bonilla!

—Irene E.

You all do a wonderful job and I have been coming there for 10 + years. Couldn’t ask for anything more!!

—Dawn O’Connor

Close to where I live and reasonable fees. Very friendly staff and willing to help. Makes you feel as part of the family and willing to hear your needs.

—Consuelo Ramos

Always great care!! Very happy with my vet and the facility and staff. They do a great job. Just keep doing what you’re doing! It is obvious how much you love and care for all the animals!

—Rita M. Alspach

From General Client Questionnaires

  • Dr. Susan is WONDERFUL! Her personality/actions towards my pets, family & myself have been just above & beyond any vet that we ever have worked with before. You ALL have a wonderful practice & working atmosphere! The support & patience that you ALL offer is superior!

  • Customer service is always wonderful & employees are willing to help in any way possible. Our fur babies may not love coming to the vet, but you guys make the experience worthwhile.

  • Dr. McNamee, Dr. McDermott, Dr. Susan – Exceptional – Very nice handoff to each other. Very impressed.

  • Dr. Jo Clark is always wonderful with Oreo who is difficult to handle. I feel comfortable leaving my pet with her! She is the greatest vet in my opinion!

  • The background info on the staff on the website made me feel at ease. Plus, all the vets are female (the gender my dog prefers). Also, you're located close to my apartment. I needed to be seen right away, your hours were perfect and you had an open appointment! I was beyond happy with my experience. Plus, the follow-up call from the vet lets me know she really cares. Also, loved the welcome card!

  • I have been a client for years and was satisfied but not loyal. Dr. Clark's handling of my dog on Christmas Eve has made me loyal and an advocate of her and the team. Dr. Clark was great! I will schedule future appointments to fit her schedule as she was the most professional and caring vet that I've ever dealt with.

  • I have always had positive experiences with the Veterinarians and entire staff. I have been bringing my cats to this hospital over 20 years. The newer staff members are courteous, knowledgeable and professional (same as the long term staff members).

  • Thank you for knowing that what you do is so much more than a job. You touch lives everyday and help owners to care for their beloved pets.

  • Finding the right vet is as important as finding the right family doctor or dentist. We love your vet office and every doctor, tech and other staff member have always been very professional and caring. We will never change our vet office choice. We recommend your office to anyone looking for a vet. Thank You!!

  • Everyone is always so wonderful when dealing with Brutus, who is so difficult and mean, I am very appreciative. Thanks for all you do.

  • The staff and doctors at Steele Creek Animal Hospital are awesome. They have provided wonderful care to our pets for the past 20 years. I have referred friends to them and will continue to do so.

  • We appreciate the practice very much and have been clients there for many, many years. We have recently moved an hour away, but plan to continue coming to Steele Creek. You are the best! Thanks for loving our "babies" and us for so long."

  • Dr. Bracy is a great addition. I appreciate his knowledge, attention to me and my pet, and collaborative treatment plans. Welcome, Dr. Bracy!

  • My dogs love everyone there...I know they will get good care.

  • Love the vets and staff at Steele Creek. They are the best.